Day 1: Welcome


I just entered my Junior year in high school, and I’ve been constantly bombarded with questions from friends and family about what I plan on doing in the future. Not just what I plan on studying at university, but even what my career aspirations are. Yet I’m not really sure how to answer either of those questions. I see my friends and peers at school who know exactly what classes to take and have had their futures mapped out since Freshman year and even though I admire them for it, I also feel like that’s way too early. The pressure that’s come down on us over the last few years: to get into great universities, or even to ‘make something of ourselves’, has led my generation to make decisions about our lives way before we really understand what they mean. I know that, in the same way that there are those whose path is an arrow-head, there are people out there that are similarly in limbo: forced to make a decision but lacking the information.

That’s why I have decided to start this blog. As a way to explore different industries and make a more informed decision about my future, but also to, hopefully, help those around me. I plan on interviewing industry leaders and even committing to short internships over the course of the year so that I can get an in-depth perspective into each career. I hope that this process will help make clear the different possible tracks as well as help me choose my path. I want to keep track of the whole journey here both for myself, and for anyone else who is interested. I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you over the upcoming months!